Julie Wills is an interdisciplinary artist working in the expanded field of sculpture, including installation, collage, performance, video and site-specific practices. She holds an MFA from the University of Colorado, and an MA in art criticism from the University of Montana. She has been an artist-in-residence at the Jentel Foundation, PLAYA, and the Hambidge Center, among others; has received support for her solo and collaborative work from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation; and exhibits her work widely. 



My work in recent years has been inspired by the tools of desire: wishes, hopes, pleas for divine or cosmic intercession, and superstitious rites. These are the things we turn to when something is desperately wanted but cannot be achieved through hard work or other rational means. I have recently begun a new cycle of work, titled Foundry, that instead invokes the creation of something unknown, and good, from the remains of dreams that have broken. This new dream may be something altogether unseen or it may be a new form of the long-held vision, made perfect and strong by first melting down, as if by fire.

Much of my recent work incorporates a longstanding interest in text, signification, legibility and poetic language. I choose materials for their metaphoric or associative meanings; sandpaper, for example, contains a tactile recognition of its erosive function while thermostat wire suggests the activation or transmission of heat. I frequently draw imagery from celestial sources. The moon, stars and cosmos recur throughout in varying forms: the distant reaches of an infinite cosmos strain to reach their other halves. Individual stars fall from the sky, disrupting the known order of the universe. Through this imagery I explore constancy and mutability, current conditions, and hope for an unrealized but longed-for future.


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